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We use storytelling to impact, influence, and convince. We don’t do it for your brand or for your company.

We deep dive into your DNA and needs, then we do it for your audiences. A small difference, that changes everything.
This is
Chapitre 2

This is where things get real. This is where businesses and brands evolve out of the traditional video production model to create authentic content that people want to watch.

The true, transparent, unscripted highlights of any story are the secret ingredients for insatiable content. When you invite us into your world, we capture these highlights by experiencing them firsthand.

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Effective results and impact don't appear by chance. Discover our approach.

From ideas to stories

We believe that, understanding why is already knowing how.

Behind each communication project, there is an idea to share, a story to tell, an emotion to inspire.

So we guide you through this strategic process, and we bring our creative know-how to shape the story, conceptualize and architecture the content that will be produced.

From stories to visuals.

There are 1000 ways to tell a story and make it shine.

Our experience in scriptwriting, filming, motion design and postproduction brings your story to life with your brand's unique taste.

From visuals to emotions.

We believe rational thinking and behavioral changes are triggered by emotional connections.This is the tricky part but also, let's admit it, the fun part of our job.

Convincing, engaging, educating, promoting are rational objectives that we pursue by activating the emotion spectrum that we want your audiences to feel and that we will have defined at the very beginning of our process.

From emotions to engagement.

Your audience wants to experience your brand.

And they want to do it at the right moment for them, in the right context for them, and in the right platform...for them.

Easy right ?

To achieve that, we collaborate from the start with media agencies to define the most relevant ad, organic or influence strategies.

Sending a quote without listening to what you have to say... not really our style.

However, understanding your needs, goals and the "raison d'etre" behind your project... this is where it all begins.

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Who we work with

We collaborate with forward-thinking businesses that want alternative solutions to traditional agency offerings.
Your business has a story worth watching. It’s our job to help you see this, so that others can see it too.

Patrick Saad

Founding Filmmaker

the lens

When Patrick Saad started producing films, he focused primarily on bringing the art of cinematic storytelling to the wedding industry, creating Fabula Films, a successful film company in Montreal that produces documentary-style wedding films.

Chapitre 2 Productions is the next phase of what Patrick and his team of collaborators set out to do as filmmakers - to give people the means to make their truth visible. Our mission is to help brands let their audiences in. Relatable, believable brand stories spark real, meaningful conversations. This is what Patrick and his team are helping businesses do.

What’s your story?
We’re listening.
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